No trick or treaters here

Living out in the sticks where we are we never get any trick or treaters. To be honest I think most people would be too scared to come down here at night. With noone to see pumpkins we decided to be adventurous and make eclairs today. Its the first time ive ever made them and although the chocolate sauce looks a bit messy they tasted gorgeous.


Happy Halloween and welcome to Bits and Bobs.

Today was my little girl's first time scooping out a pumpkin. Needless to say things got more than a tad messy but both her and the boys enjoyed it. They get passed to the husband then for carving.

Finished pumpkins ready to greet Trick or Treaters.

This year I thought I'd try a recipe for roasted pumpkin seeds. Usually they end up in the bin anyway so I had nothing to lose. It didn't turn out to be the great success I hoped for so they ended up at their usual final destination - the bin.

The boys went off trick or treating. Little girl is too young yet but she loved handing sweets out to the children who came to our house. I'm sure they have multiplied in number this year as we seem to be going through the sweet supply pretty fast- ( I only helped myself to 4 then I thought they were going to pull my old teeth out so stopped ). Anyway I better go and get ready for another knock.

Bye Shell