Saturday's Excursions

We had a busy day compared to our usual Saturdays. Little L had asked if we could take her ice skating as she had seen a cartoon character doing it. This wasn't a problem as the nearest ice rink is only about 30 minutes drive away. When I mentioned that we were going ice skating to my Mum, she invited herself and my Dad along. My Mum used to go skating regularly when she was younger. The rink had only been open for 20 minutes when we arrived and it was packed. The skates had changed since I had last been at 15, then they were lace up. It was also more difficult then I remembered or maybe when I was younger I had less fear of taking a tumble.

Little L loved it when she got going, not minding when she slipped over. Even when she had tired of skating she just wanted to hang around to watch people on the rink.

After a quick bite to eat at home we drove to Snugburys , an ice cream farm which is not too far away. By the time we got there the weather was awful, raining with a very cold wind. We still had a wander over to the piglets 

and to look at the straw sculpture. Which is a huge Dalek at the moment to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.

This is the house at the farm. I love those windows. I thought we were barmy for going in Winter but considering the weather the ice cream shop had a steady stream of customers.
I asked Little L if there was anything else that she wanted to try which she hadn't done before. She asked if we could take her to meet the Queen one weekend when we're not busy and that she wouldn't mind going in a submarine as she's never done that. We need a bit of a rethink regarding activities to something more doable.