It's Been A While

It's been some time since I was last here. I've still been reading blogs, just not got a round to posting anything myself. We still have not finished the bedroom yet. We're still sorting stuff out and listing things on Ebay, we haven't got the bedroom furniture yet (though my old dressing table is being brought down from the loft) but we have finished painting. It took us weeks and quick a few trips for paint testers to get the shade of duck egg that we wanted. Hopefully it will be done before Christmas.
Craft wise I've been making some Christmassy decorations.

This wreath was made using a wire coat hanger and a sack cut in to strips.

These were made using Little L's collection of fir cones.

Some Christmas cushions.

Felt foxes 

and a doll have been made for Little L to give in to her school fair.
I think that's it for craft stuff. I'll have to get back to posting more regularly because I'm sure that I have missed something.