Summer Sewing

I thought I'd share with you what I have been up to craft wise over the Summer holidays. 

I made four of these bags. Two were made using the same fabric as posted here and two using retro bedding and fabric left over from an old school project of my nephews.

This two handled pillow case bag 

and a new peg bag made using oil cloth left from lining some shelves.

Some bunny brooches using some fabric scraps. The one facing the opposite direction from the others is Little L's, she thinks it looks better that way. I used a free pattern from Vivid Please to make these.   

Two foxes both made with fabric from my brother in laws shirts. The tutorial can be found on the See Kate Sew blog.

I finally got around to making a cover for my tablet (its only taken me almost two years to get around to making one)

Using two pairs of flannelette pj's which Little L had outgrown I made this rag quilt pillow.  She loves it because it is so squishy but it does drop lots of loose threads due to all the snipping along the edges. I think it will be fine once it has been through the washer though. I'd never used this technique before. The tutorial that I used can be found here.
Nothing was bought to make any of these things but I don't seem to have created any extra space. My crafty stuff must simply multiply when I'm sleeping ( that's what I'm sticking to anyway )