Fleece Ear Warmers

A few weeks ago Jenny from Winnibriggs House posted a handy tutorial for making ear warmers and hosted a giveaway for the materials to make one. I was lucky enough to be one of the recipients.

This lovely package arrived at the end of last week. It contained a beautiful hand written card, fleece in a chosen colour plus some black fleece to practise on or make extra ear warmers, velcro for the fastens and two pins to attach to the warmers. As Jenny knew I would be making mine for Little L she made some especially for her depicting some of her interests.

Aren't they cute? Little L was delighted. I think that Caleb (who will be 18 next month) even had his eye on the pirate one. It's a wonder him didn't try to bribe it off her.

After the weekend I got cracking straight away. There was no way Little L was going to let me hang about knowing that they were for her.

She loves them. So handy in cold weather especially as Little L as an aversion to woolly hats. 
If you would like to have a go at making some for yourself the tutorial can be found here. Thank you again Jenny for this kind thoughtful gift.

Siamese Fighter Fish Picture

Yesterday I gave sewing a rest and fetched out my paint. 

I wanted to make something with my betta fish on and not being an artist decided this was the easiest way for me to create a picture.

Using this photo of Scaramanga I produced an outline of him. I traced around the photo, coloured it in on the PC then printed out a copy.

I removed the glass from a picture frame (this one was £3 from Matalan), placed it over the image and traced the outline using a permanent ink pen.

Using acrylic paints I began to fill in the drawing. This photo is of the first coat of paint. It took three coats to cover properly but it didn't take long for the coats of paint to dry.

I then cut some patterned card to place inside the picture frame.