Thursday, 16 April 2015

Colwyn Bay

On the Easter Bank Holiday weekend we took our first seaside day out of the year to Colwyn Bay. I've only been once before to take some photos of the old pier and I was hoping that is was still there.

Its still standing but I don't know what the plans are for it. It would be nice if it could be brought back to its former glory.

There were plenty of people about enjoying the beach. Little L had a good time collecting rocks, shells and dry sea weed. She got her trainers full of sand (I can't imagine how that happened)

We then went a little way along the coast to Rhos On Sea. It was while we were here that we noticed a mist coming in from the sea. When we drove back towards the pier some time later it couldn't be seen until we were right on top of it.

On the way home we stopped off at Rhyl for Little L to have a go on the 2p machines. The machines must have been well stocked with it being the Easter Holidays because Little L seemed to come home with quite a collection this time. Any keyring that she manages to get from these machines she keeps in a bunch so when she gets them out it reminds her of her seaside trips.

Friday, 10 April 2015

The Budding Photographer

Last week Little L asked me if she could have a proper camera. By that she meant a film camera. I explained to her that they are very different to digital cameras, no deleting the photos that didn't turn out how you would like, no simply popping them in to the PC but she was adamant that she wanted one. After looking in our local charity shops I only managed to find one analogue camera. Maybe they are being sold Ebay or being thrown away thinking that it is something that nobody uses any more.

This is the one that I found for her. It came boxed with the instructions and neck strap still in the packet for £1.50. Little L thinks its brilliant.
Yesterday the weather here was lovely, far too nice to be sat indoors so in the morning we set off with some cameras for a wander along the canal. We took Little L's camera, 

this Fuji Instax 100 ( I don't use this very often as I think its too chunky and heavy to carry )

and a Kodak Retinette 1B which had a partially used film in. This is one of my favourite cameras. For it's age it is like new and I think it only cost me about £7 when I found it.

These are a couple of the photos Little L took with the instant camera ( to be honest some of hers were better than mine ). Both films were finished and are now ready to be posted off. It's a shame that nowhere local still develop film on their premises. Its seems that Little L will never know the joys of one hour developing, rushing back to the shop and tearing open the packet the minute you step outside.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Retro Style Photos

Yesterday I found a tutorial on giving your photos a retro look by adding light leaks and thought I'd try it out. I do like the look of photos taken using analogue cameras and don't mind light leaks on images but I do have a camera that lets in so much light you are lucky if you get any image at all. I've even tried blocking any gaps up with duct tape but nope, that didn't work.
I found some photos that were taken in LLandudno and gave the tutorial a go.

 For this you do need to use Photoshop, something that I'm still not too good at using but this was even simple enough for me to do.

The light leaks tutorial can be found here. The download for the effects are at the bottom of the page.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Grosvenor Museum

On Sunday we spend the day in Chester visiting the Grosvenor Museum. We did bring Little L here for the first time last year and it was a bit of a gamble as to whether she would find it boring or not but she really enjoyed it. For children, there are worksheets to fill in as they walk around plus interactive parts on some displays. 

Little L's favourite exhibition in the museum is the Natural History Collection. There is a table laid out with animal stencils, paper and crayons in this room as well as magnifying equipment, Little L could quite happily stay in this part all day.

Adjoining the museum building is the Period House. The house its self dates from around 1680 ( the floorboards do feel slightly higgledy piggledy and a bit bouncy ). Each room has a display depicting social history from different eras.

The Victorian Kitchen 

Items from a Victorian classroom

An Edwardian bathroom

Items from a Victorian dressing table

The displays in the house which I tend to linger around the longest are the 1925 Day Nursery and the collection of household items and fashion dating from 1920's to 1960's.

The period house also has things to keep children interested such as I Spy books, boxes containing objects to feel and different scents to guess. 
Little L loved her time at the museum and asked if we can find one with dinosaurs in. At the moment she is learning about dinosaurs at school and wants to see how big a real life dinosaur skeleton is.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Reversible Bag

Yesterday I tried out another bag pattern that I'd found online. 

This time a reversible one made using denim for one side and a print fabric on the other. 

The print fabric I had bought a few years ago with the intentions of using it to make an apron but then didn't want to cut in to it at the time. I do tend to do that quite often. Buy fabric then like it too much to use. It was sold as 70's vintage but I think that the print looks a bit 50's-ish.

Everyone I our house prefer this bag to others that I've made before. Maybe because it's not floral or not a tote bag .. I don't know.
The free pattern and tutorial that I used can be found here.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Last Weeks Sewing

Last week the children were on a half term break from school and I've noticed that my sewing machine comes out more during the school holidays. I think it is because Little L always wants something made or to make something even if she is just helping me. At the moment she loves helping me pin fabrics and she did have a go on my machine just before the holidays and made these coasters. 

She was fine sewing at first then I think it dragged on too long for her and by the time she was finishing her second one her concentration was wavering and she just wanted to do something else instead. Maybe she'll be ready for another go when she a bit older.

Over the hols we had a button sort out,

I made a sleeping bag for Little L's baby meerkat 

and made three of these fold up tote bags. I used this tutorial to make the bags but as I lined mine, I inserted the handles in between the outer bag and the lining.

We made some marbled eggs which Little L loved doing. 

Little L lost her first tooth. She has been wanting to lose a tooth for ages because lots of her friends have either lost some of theirs or had them taken out. I keep telling her that its good she has kept hold of her for so long but I've never seen a child so excited over a wobbly tooth.
Little L went to a friends party over the holidays. She does get invited to party's but usually chooses not to go because if the invitation is from a girl she thinks the party will be girly and shes more comfortable running around with a load of boys. It was a fancy dress party that she went to, all girls, all dressed as princesses besides Little L who went as Darth Vader. I suppose that she has a point with her party theory.

Monday, 9 February 2015

My Etsy Buys

Having not purchased anything crafty for a while I recently popped over to Etsy and bought some embroidery items.

These mini pendant hoops which I've never used before

and this embroidery book which only took ten days to arrive from Japan.

The patterns in the book range from animals and flowers to items of clothing and a few fairy tale characters.

The book explains how the brooches are constructed as well as diagrams of different embroidery stitches which can be used.

I just need to decide which one to try first.