Friday, 14 November 2014

This Weeks Sewing

This week I've mainly been machine sewing. Little L now has her skull print pj bottoms. This ended up being a very speedy joint project with my Mum. I had asked if she would mind overlocking the fabric to prevent it from fraying and when she returned them she had sewn the body and leg seams together so all I had left to do was to add the waist band and hem the legs. I used an old pair of Little L pj bottoms for the pattern.

Little L's doll George has his dungarees.

The body seemed very baggy so I sewed in a line of elastic at the back leaving enough room for clothes underneath. One of my cousins commented that the dungarees looked very nice but reminded her of the Chucky doll which I can see myself now she's mentioned it.

Last week I made this neck pillow for Little L to put in the car ( I should have used a thicker fabric or doubled it over so the thread at the back couldn't be seen ). When my Mum saw it she asked if I could make one for their car and I made this one.

Its meant to be a panda but I'm not sure if it looks like one especially after my Mum said 'well you can tell it's supposed to be a creature'. The tutorial for the first neck pillow can be found here.
Saturday, 8 November 2014

A Day In Southport

Today we went on a child free day out to Southport. A new place for us both as I have never been and Anders found out that had been as a child but he can't remember going. Although the weather wasn't great I was still looking forward to visiting a new seaside and better still .. it has a pier.

We headed straight for the pier and sea and to reach it from where the car was parked walked through King's Garden. A lovely park with a lake, playground, crazy golf and miniature railway ( the golf and railway appeared closed for the season ). The gardens look like they would be an extremely popular place during the warmer months.
The pier wasn't far at all from the gardens. I have never been on a pier which starts so far inland but saw that it went over a marine lake (the lake in the gardens). 

Much of the pier after that is over land .. a skate park one side with a putting green on the other .. a retail park one side, a retail park on the other. Not very sea sidey at all. It is only when you reach the half way point along the pier that you actually reach the sea. 

Blackpool Tower and the big roller coaster could be seen from the pier even in poor weather. 

Trams run along the pier to take passages from one end to the other. The tide was fully in so there was no shell collecting but by this point I couldn't feel my toes and my cheeks felt so cold I think I could have resembled Father Christmas.

After the seaside we headed towards town. I've never seen so many chip shops in one place and so close together, some next to each other. 

Jewellers is another thing there is no shortage of but I do love a nosey in those windows especially the old fashioned jewellers which seemed to be every other shop. There were plenty of main retail shops about but I think that the majority in the town were independent shops which is really good to see and not many empty premises. 

Still in town we reached the end of the row of shops and crossed the road where it seemed to be mainly residential properties. There were some very nice houses and I couldn't resist taking a snap of this one which looks to me like a sea shell over the door. 

Along the same road we found the mermaid fountain.

 This is one side of the war memorial. 

This style of street lights are everywhere. With the lights lit, it must look beautiful in Winter when it snows.

Back over the road I took some photos of the shop fronts.

While taking snaps I saw this and we decided to go for a look.

 Definitely our kind of shop. One to have a good rummage in. Baskets of shells and crystals. Cabinets of oddities. Lots of old books. Anders spotted one that was dated 1773 with a £2,500 price tag.

Heading back to the car we nipped in to an arcade. I had a couple of goes on a grabber machine then put a pound in for Anders to have a go. He won both of these with that pound. He's so pleased with himself I never heard the end of it all night.

There was a hall of mirrors on the way to one of the arcade exits. I've not seen one of these for years.
We had a great day out and we'll certainly make a return visit  with the children.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Dressing Dolls

A while ago my niece gave Little L all her Barbies and furniture that she had when she was little. This was kept in my mums loft for years until Little L was old enough to play with them but she has only started to take interest recently so this week I've started making some items for them.

First I set to detangling the dolls hair. They looked like they had been in a fight before I started. I brushed out as many of the knots as I could, losing quite a bit of hair along the way. Then I wet the hair with very hot water (almost boiling), smoothed some hair conditioner through it then rinsed with the hot water again. After another brush through they were left to dry overnight. My Mum was really inpressed with the results because they looked like they were destined for the bin beforehand. I've done 5 now and still have about the same amount to tidy up.

I made this underwear set using stretch lace. Very fiddly to sew on my machine and might have been just as quick to do by hand.

These very simple skirts were made using a rectangle piece of fabric which was gathered along one long edge and hemmed at the other. The waist band was made by folding over a length of wide ribbon then sewing it on. They fasten at the back by tying the ribbon in a bow.

This crocheted blanket with sleeves ( I don't know if they have a special name ) was made using this pattern

and new bedding was made for the bed.

After going for tea at her Grans this week Little L came back with these fabrics. They were left over from some things that my Mum had made. At first Little L asked if I could make her some socks with the skull fabric but because this isn't possible has settled on some pj bottoms. The vehicle print fabric she brought home so I could make her some clothes for her baby doll George. Looks like some of my next week is planned out.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

A Forest Walk

This afternoon we decided to take advantage of the surprisingly mild weather and take Little L for a walk in Delamere Forest. She prefers this much more than going to the local playground.

There was plenty of den hunting, tree climbing, leave collecting and general exploring going on. 

We must have spied at least eight different kinds of fungi. I don't have a clue what any of them are though.

I don't think the weather will be lasting like this for much longer so I think we are going to try and fit in a last trip to the beach before it gets becomes too cold.
Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Summer Sewing

I thought I'd share with you what I have been up to craft wise over the Summer holidays. 

I made four of these bags. Two were made using the same fabric as posted here and two using retro bedding and fabric left over from an old school project of my nephews.

This two handled pillow case bag 

and a new peg bag made using oil cloth left from lining some shelves.

Some bunny brooches using some fabric scraps. The one facing the opposite direction from the others is Little L's, she thinks it looks better that way. I used a free pattern from Vivid Please to make these.   

Two foxes both made with fabric from my brother in laws shirts. The tutorial can be found on the See Kate Sew blog.

I finally got around to making a cover for my tablet (its only taken me almost two years to get around to making one)

Using two pairs of flannelette pj's which Little L had outgrown I made this rag quilt pillow.  She loves it because it is so squishy but it does drop lots of loose threads due to all the snipping along the edges. I think it will be fine once it has been through the washer though. I'd never used this technique before. The tutorial that I used can be found here.
Nothing was bought to make any of these things but I don't seem to have created any extra space. My crafty stuff must simply multiply when I'm sleeping ( that's what I'm sticking to anyway )

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Another Bird Rescue

Earlier this evening Little L came in to the house and told us that she had seen a little bird go in to the chicken coop and not come back out. We went to investigate and found a young blackbird with a damaged wing. It looked as though it may have been attacked by a cat. The wing looked bent at an odd angle and quite a lot of the feathers were missing. We placed it in to a box then took it to our local vet. Hopefully they can send it on the road to recovery.

Friday, 1 August 2014

My Birthday Day Out

Today I turned 43 and the plan for my birthday was a trip to the seaside. Everything was sorted out ready last night and put in to the boot of the car but when we got up this morning it looked as though we were in for a day of rain. I checked the weather forecast for where we were heading and it had given rain there too. We wanted to go somewhere with some shelter from the weather and we decided on Monkey Forest thinking that the trees would keep us relatively dry. Plus it was somewhere we had never been before and it got Little L's vote.

Monkey Forest is home to Barbary macaque monkeys which roam freely through woodland. There were information boards dotted throughout as well as guides all along the pathways ready to explain why the monkeys were acting a certain way and to answer any questions.

At the moment they have seven babies which were drawing a lot of attention. We were told not to get too close to these because if the mother felt threatened the male boss monkey in the group would jump to their defense.

A group which acted like a gang of unruly teenagers also drew a crowd with their tree swinging and play fighting antics.

Even though it was quite busy it wasn't overcrowded and there was no jostling for a spot to see a monkey. The admission price wasn't bad either especially when I've compared it to other places to visit as a family. We would certainly go again.

On the way home we nipped into Dagfields which is an antiques and craft centre. I've been coming here for years when it was nowhere near the size it is now and you could pet piglets and lambs in a barn. Now this was a bit of a gamble where Little L was concerned as she had never been anywhere like this before, she would either love it or hate it. We knew Caleb would like it because he has been into vintage shops with us before and loves them. 

Little L fell in love with everything from the minute she walked into the place from horse brasses to bundles of Brooke Bond tea cards. This kid had 2 whole pounds burning a hole in her pocket. All I heard from her was .. wow .. woah .. look at this ..

and this was one of her 'look what I just found ' moments.
Caleb couldn't stop laughing at the style of old house telephones but he was drawn to carnival glass which he says is 'well cool' and old kitchen utensils of all things. Both Caleb and myself were in our element looking at all the old cameras ( I love old analogue cameras ) Typewriters were a magnet to them both.

We didn't buy anything but Little L came away with a toy motorbike and helicopter. Seems we have another little magpie on our hands. I'll probably see two out of my three children on an episode of Hoarders one day.
Oh, I almost forgot .. there was no rain where we went today even though it was forecast but where we live it rained all day. Maybe we should have chanced the seaside after all, I don't know. What I have noticed lately is that I seem to be getting a tad obsessed with looking at weather forecasts when we plan to go anywhere. Maybe its something that comes with age.

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