First Blogger Award Pt2

Now on to step three towards The Versatile Blogger Award which is nominate 15 blogs for the award.
I've discovered loads of interesting blogs and the list below are just a few that I enjoy reading. Some of these are pretty new to me. Maybe you will find a new one to follow from my list.

1)  Miss Val's Creations - I don't know why this one is demanding a different font from the rest

All there is to do now is to notify the blogger's from my list then I can claim my award and pop it in my side bar.
Thank you again Linda at alottastitches for my nomination.

Well quite a few hours have passed and notifying people is easier said than done. For some reason on a couple of blogs ( 5), 7), 9), 12), 14) ) when I have tried to post a comment I kept getting an error message. I tried with and without links, piddled around with my settings to no avail so resorted to tweeting as a last ditch attempt. Hopefully the notifications will reach these blogs one way or an other.

First Blogger Award Pt1

Today I noticed Bits And Bobs had been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award. The first one ever so I was pleasantly surprised and thought it was all a bit exciting.
Thank you Linda from alottastitches for the nomination.

Before I can claim the award button and pop it on the blog I have four steps to complete
1) Thank the person who nominated me and link to their blog
2) Create a list of seven things about myself
3) Make a list of 15 blogs to nominate for the award
4) Notify the 15 blogs that I have nominated them

Here's my list of seven things about me

1) I hate going shopping and do most of it online.

2) I have a very crooked little finger on my left hand where it has been broken. I was chasing my little sis when we were younger, she slammed a door and locked it on the inside while my finger was stuck in the hinge. The whole street must have heard me screaming.

3) My favourite perfume is Jean Paul Gaultier Classique.

4) My favourite number is 4

5) I'm allergic to dander in animal fur, guinea pigs and cats affect me the most. Unfortunately I have passed this on to my eldest son.

6) King Kong always makes me cry (any version) so I never watch the end of it with anyone around because I just start blubbering.

7) I have really ugly toes, inherited from my dad. They sort of lie on their sides. The first time my husband saw them he said he thought maybe I'd had some kind of accident like have a paving stone drop on them.

I will be doing the final steps on my next post as I can hear a nice soak in the bath calling me then time to get comfy in my pj's.

A Busy Week

This week has been a busy one here. The beginning of the week didn't start off great. I was woken by my husband telling me that Fluff had died. Little L was heartbroken as he was her little friend. She used to let him out everyday and run around the garden with him. We have another bunny, a Netherland Dwarf named Smudge but she's old now at eight and a half years old and very timid so not an ideal playmate for a lively little girl. Little L has been talking about Fluff everyday, saying how naughty or funny he was and that seems to cheer her up a bit, thinking about his antics.


We finally have our a pc back after being taken back and forth to the pc shop over the past couple of weeks to be fixed. We have ended up with a totally new pc ( new to us anyway ). The only difference between our old one and the one we have now is that ours had a better graphics card but we can easily change that at a later date.

I had my first appointment at the rheumatology clinic where I was given some really attractive splints to wear. I'm now waiting to be sent an appointment for another hospital where I will be having tests on my nerves for carpol tunnel and sent for physio again.

A new cooker also arrived this week. The oven on my old cooker gave up about a month ago ( it started just blowing cool air out ) but I wasn't in a big rush to buy a new cooker as the grill and hob were fine. I didn't realise how much I used the oven. Little L missed baking and even suggested we put the cakes under the grill. I missed Sunday roasts and my eldest boy, Shepherds Pie. I decided we couldn't cope much longer so went off cooker shopping. Our old cooker was tiny and only just fit inbetween the kitchen units so a unit had to be cut down to fit a normal size cooker in which then gave us less storage.

Right next to the kitchen door is a cupboard where we kept shoes and coats so we moved all the clutter out and gave it a make over. It had a quick coat of paint which we had in the shed and my husband used off cuts of wood from work for the shelves which I covered in oilcloth. I love my pantry/larder type cupboard, we should have changed it years ago.

Autumn Leaves

Today I made this autumn leaves garland which I had seen blogged here. Little L helped to look after my leaves and lined them up on the floor to see if we had cut out enough. It is a very quick project to finish and then Little L wanted to do something leafy. It was raining again so we couldn't go out to find leaves so I cut some leaf shapes out of a potato for her to use as a stamper and she loved it. I'm glad she is so easily pleased.

Feeling Stitchy Stitchalongs - August & September

 I did finally manage to finish the feeling stitchy stitchalong for August which was to embellish a piece of fabric. Having never done this before, I did start it thinking it was going to be pretty easy to do but it ended up more difficult than I imagined. The little piece of fabric which I started to embroider spent a lot of time to-ing and fro-ing from the bag in which it was stored, loved one minute and hated the next. Anyway, this is how it looked in the end.

The stitchalong for September is a cute Halloween design. I'd been looking for something Halloweeny to put onto a trick or treating bag for Little L and it was ideal.

I split the design into two as the bag I will be making will only be small so it will have a picture on both sides. The fabric I used started out as a bag which a pair of my boots arrived in, along with all the usual packaging. I knew it would come in handy one day if I kept hold of it. As the fabric was pretty pale in colour, I used felt to try and make the ghost's body stand out a bit more against the fabric.  

I'd better drag my sewing machine out sharpish to make Little L's bag as it will be her first time going trick or treating . At the moment she wants to be Spiderman and has taken to wearing an old Spidey costume of the boys lately. Not very Halloweenish but if shes happy, that's all that counts.

I Can See A Rainbow

Yesterday Little L can charging into the house squealing with delight and insisting that I go outside with her to see something, which happened to be a rainbow. I love the way she gets so excited about something everyone takes for granted. It was a rather spectacular rainbow, I don't think I have seen a full one for years. Its time like these I do think about buying a wide angle lens for my camera.