Our Daily Visitor

Late this afternoon I managed to take a couple of photos of our daily visitor. He doesn't usually stay for long but during the rain today he stayed in the same position for quite a while.

He does have a couple of favourite spots, one being right next door to our neighbours bird feeders.

 Not that it seems to serve him fast food because I've never seen him catch anything yet. Now and again I see him walk along the top of hedge then jump inside to terrorize the sparrows but that's the most I see him get up to.

Good Friday Day Out

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After noticing the weather forecast for the Bank Holiday weekend which gave rain everyday besides Friday, it was decided for us what day we would take a trip. 
We opted to go to Ruthin again to see the peacocks at the castle but also visited the craft centre for the first time.

The exhibitions at the moment are by artists Mandy Coates

and David Jones. 
This one was my favourite. Some of the pieces reminded me of the blue meanies from The Yellow Submarine animated film. I think it was because of the teeth on some of them or maybe the shape. 

Little L found it all a bit boring. She would rather be doing something than just looking.That's why she liked the ark because you could actually go inside it. The artist, Mae Thomas happened to be there that day.

 She showed us photo's of the ark being build from cutting down of the trees to completion,  the first ark that she had made 30 years before from an old cupboard and her artwork featuring the ark. Little L wrote what she would take on to the ark in an old altas that Mae had altered.

We then went for a walk in the town ...it must be lovely to be able to looks at these views every day.

For a nosey around the antique centre ( I love the old cinema doors )

before going to see the peacocks at the castle. 

Chicken Watching,

sitting, minding or what every it is you call looking after some chickens. Our neighbours went away for a few days and asked us to keep on eye on theirs for them. We just made sure they were fed and watered, opened them in the morning and shut them up at night.    
  Three of them are silkies but I don't know what the other breeds are. Little L was expecting to walk in and pet them as she used to with ours but they were very timid and hid. All except this one.

We had been warned that this hen does try to escape when ever the coop door was opened. The first day she didn't try anything, after that it was a race to get out before she did. I'm glad she didn't get out because I'm not sure if I'd be able to handle her, she's massive. Maybe she's not that big for a chicken, I'm just comparing the size to the little bantams we had.
Our chicken watching duties are now over and the best thing .. not having to buy any eggs this week.

Libbie Club - March Box

Last week I discovered The Libbie Club. How the club works is that the members are sent out a selection of beauty products to try out and review. They can then recommend item to friends, family or share through social media. All products includes exclusive discounts. If anyone redeems an offer via the members recommendation the member will receive a free box of products the next month. There is a one off membership fee to join ( when I signed up the fee was on offer at £20 )

These are the contents of this months Libbie box.

Ciate Mistress Red Nail Polish

I'm not really one for red nail polish but Mistress is a nice shade. It does needs more than one coat. I applied two which didn't take too long to dry. I then tried one hand with a top coat and the other without and there was hardly any difference between the two. The nail polish alone has a lovely glossy finish.

NUDE Double Dose of Genius Skincare Set

A 2-step skin treatment, a hydrating serum and a rescue oil. Only a small amount of this needs to be applied. After using this my skin was lovely and soft without feeling oily. This one is definitely my favourite product from the box.

The Hero Project Hyasoft Instant Moisture Boost

A light gel which absorbs quickly in to the skin to combat dull, dehydrated skin. It is suitable for all skin types and not at all greasy or sticky. I tried this one out on my husband whose skin drys out terribly from all the dust at work and we could definitely see a difference. 

New Look Bits And Bobs

 Today I decided on a new look for the blog because as you know when I stupidly deleted my photos from my tablet, my blog template went as well. After a quick look on Etsy I chose this Floro template from BloggerTemplate. It comes with easy to follow instructions so even I didn't have any problems installing it. At the moment there is a sale on the BloggerTemplate  shop so I seems I picked the right day to go shopping.

Custom Stickers

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to win one of the competitions hosted on Cut Out + Keep. The prize was $30 of custom stickers from Sticker App. On the site you can upload your chosen image then pick from a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes for your stickers. You can also create your own customized skins and mobile phone cases. They do sell some ready made stickers which was great for me because I had nothing suitable to upload. I already had a mirror in mind for a make over when choosing mine.

It started off with this narrow wood effect frame which I was originally going to spray but as I'd have to buy the paint I asked Anders if he would make me a frame from the scrap wood at work. 

 Using paint we already had in the shed, it was primed, given a coat of white gloss and the cacti stickers popped on.

I should have taken a before photo but I think it looks so much better with a wider frame.

Little L chose some to customize her tablet.

I picked out these monogram ones to add to some small containers for the children's bedrooms. They forever dump their little nik naks on any available surface so I'm on the hunt for something suitable. I've not decided where the doughnuts are going yet, I just liked those.

Making For Dolls

I thought I'd share what I've been making for the past couple of days. A small crocheted blanket and toy for Little L's doll pram.

The zigzag blanket was made using a SIRDAR pattern (no. 3174) which I sized down to fit. This was made in no time as I only made it big enough to place as a top cover. It measures approximately 13in x14in.

I was going to make a pram toy by knitting or crocheting some animals then stringing them across but I ended up using felt as it is quicker for me to sew. Anders commented that he quite liked the stripy ribbon and was surprised when I told him that I'd kept it from the ends of last years Christmas crackers. Little scraps of ribbon always come in handy for dolls things. The blue flowers and leaves were sewn on to the elastic with a button but the weight caused them to tilt forward when I first strung it across the pram. I glued some buttons to the back of the flowers to try and balance the weight out. It worked to some extent but I think if I made Little L another one I'd be better off making whatever is strung across double sided.