A Quick Catch Up

I thought that I'd pop on for a quick catch up. I didn't realise that the last post was so long ago. 

Little L joined in with her first Easter bonnet parade this morning at school. She is a bit poorly at the moment with a cold and nasty cough which is doing the rounds in our house. She had a terrible night last night and I would have normally kept her home but she'd been looking forward to joining in so I let her go but I'm keeping my ear open for a call to go and collect her.

I just bought a plain 99p hat and used a bit of cardboard and felt and lots of glue to decorate it. There were some great hats there, you could see some of the parents had been busy. One had a large partly opened Easter egg on the top and I still can't make my mind up whether it was a real one or not. I'll have to sit closer next time with my failing eyesight.

Craftwise things have been moving slowly as I've been reading more books through my tablet and I've been watching more telly. I'm not much of a TV watcher but I've been glued to some of the dramas which have been shown lately. We've been watching Mayday, Light Fields, Broad Church and In The Flesh. Anyway they have almost all finished so I'll be back to my usual fidgety self and will have to find something to do.

These are a couple of things which I have finished since my last post. Three pairs of fingerless mitts made using this pattern from Hand Knitted Things. Two pairs of these have already found a home.

The gingerbread man is completed and has gone to live with my mum.

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Ladybird Diaries said...

I love your fingerless mitts! They are just lovely.
M xxx