Folksy Friday - Winter Landscapes

I do love picturesque Winter landscapes even if I'm not too keen on the reality of the weather. If we are lucky enough to get a bit of snow it soon turns to dirty slush because the gritters have been out. Yet the gritters never make an appearance when it's deadly ice and I'm in danger of putting on a poor imitation of Jayne Torvill at the end Bolero in front of all the school Mums. Little L loved the little bit of snow we have had this year and her school friends turned up for snowball fights. It was Opie's first experience of snow, he loved it and didn't want to come in even though he was wet though and shivering.

Hare in Winter landscape print

Pretty Winter berries hand embroidered brooch

This Winter landscape card would look lovely in a frame

ndm handmade
Felt embroidery landscape

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Happy New Year.

Folksy Friday - Father Christmas

It's the time of year when there will be lots of excited children waiting for a visit from the man in the big red suit. Little L doesn't believe in Father Christmas any more. Nevertheless when she didn't receive a letter from Santa last year she got quite upset and I had to make one at the last minute in Photoshop. I think she keeps up the pretense of believing for me and Anders just as the boys did until we had to admit to telling porkies. Even though the kids do get excited for Christmas, it's not the same kind of excitement so this weeks theme is Father Christmas.

Santa Earrings

Clare at The Grimm Exhibition
Father Christmas diorama

ndm handmade
Felt Father Christmas decoration (these are also available in other colours)

A Little Yarn Hug
Knitted Santa

Personalised magic key

Even though orders through Folksy or from any online shop may not reach you in time for this Holiday season, it's always good to get some ideas for the coming year. 
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Feeling Festive

It's feeling more Christmassy here now that Little L is off school for the holidays. I love those few days that she is home before Christmas when we have our films planned out to watch together.
We did end up buying a white Christmas tree ... in fact we bought two. The first one we purchased on line but when we put it up it did look quite gappy, not like the tree on the online photo. I wasn't too bothered by that but when I hung my first bauble which was very light, the branch drooped and it was obvious there was no way the branches would take any weight at all (really the tree was only suitable if you wanted to chuck some tinsel at it) Then same day we drove to three of our closest garden centres for a white tree and not one could be found. The day after we went further afield and came home with a pre lit one. We did ring before hand to enquire if they had any and they only had one. I never thought a white tree would be so difficult to find. Plus it wouldn't fit in the boot we had to remove it from it's box and wrestle it in to the boot of the car.

It does look lovely lit up. Other years we have decorated the tree with tinsel and beads but this year we've only used hanging decorations.

Lots of glass ornaments,

glittery ones,

even more deers

and a couple of Boston terriers have been added too.

This year I won't be able to use my Christmas table cloths because we changed the table when we decorated so I made this Christmassy table runner. It was made using materials I already had and now my table won't look so bare.

Folksy Friday - Gifts For Readers

This week's Folksy Friday is my selection of gifts ideal for a book lover.

This colourful book print

Earrings made with real page fragments

I love the chain and tassel on this book mark

A handy book themed bag

Tweed book cover

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Folksy Friday - Gifts For Sewers

With Christmas quickly approaching my next couple of Folksy Friday posts will be gift guides. This week's is ideas for sewers.

The Posh Scarecrow
I love this cotton reel shaped storage pot. These are available in different sizes and colour ways.

Rock Rose Jewellery
Sterling silver button necklace

The Crafty Curio Shop
There are many different styles of needle cases available on Folksy but this one is a personal favourite (I have a thing for flamingos) 

Bluebell Woodturning
Sweet chestnut pin cushion

Wardega Designs
Bronze needlework themed bookmark 

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Folksy Friday - Christmas Tree Decorations

I've noticed through social media that some people have started to put up their Christmas trees and have spotted a couple of houses in my area with their houses lit up already. All this is far too early for me but I do try to leave putting the decorations up as late as possible, (only because it drives me mad not being able to hoover under the tree). This year we have thinking of buying a white tree but I know what we are both like. We may buy a white tree, look at it, decide it doesn't look traditional enough then bring out the old green one the year after. So with Christmas trees on my mind, this weeks Folksy Friday theme is Christmas Tree decorations.

These scandi style baubles are beautiful. All are a different fabric print and embellished with crochet lace and faux pearls

Handcrafted by Picto, Jan Ryan Art & Illustration
I love the intricately painted holly around this peg doll and the tiny tinsel halo

Rags And Tatters
This set of fairy toadstools have been hand painted and stained and have embroidered star details. I'd be tempted to hang these somewhere all year round

No two of these lovely stained glass trees are the same so every one is unique.

This is one my own. A heart shaped decoration in a Christmas print fabric, slightly padded with machine embroidered holly. (you may have seen them on this blog before when I've made them for gifts)

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Folksy Friday - Winter Woollies

As the weather is beginning to get a little colder lately my Folksy Friday theme this week is Winter woollies. 

100% wool socks featuring a lovely reindeer design

These mitts with a decorative felt flower are made from up cycled sweaters

This hot water bottle cover is my favourite from the thistledown&HOPE shop (I do love duck egg blue)

Hand knitted ear warmer made with British wool

This infinity scarf is available in 6 colours

It was difficult trying to make a selection this week as I do like my woolens to keep the chill off. 
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Making Bonding Squares

Yesterday one of my friends social media posts was about a hospital running out of bonding squares and they were asking for knitters and crocheters to make some. I have knitted tiny hats and mittens for premature babies in the past but I've never heard of bonding squares before. They are 5 inch squares, made in pairs then one is placed with the baby and the other is given to the parent.

I thought they were an ideal way to use up spare wool and I made five pairs last night.
Information and the address to post the squares to can be found here

Marbury Country Park

At the weekend we nipped over to Marbury Country Park. It's a lovely place to visit especially at this time of the year and as it is local I have been many times though it has changed considerably since I was a child.  

I was surprised at how quiet the park was considering the weather wasn't too bad. The park is extremely busy during Summer and there is always some kind of activity on the mere. 

Marbury Park was originally the site of a grand family estate until it was sold in the 1930's. The hall then had a number of uses including a country club (the open air pool is still there and in use) and during the Second World War, a military camp and prisoner of war camp. The last hall was demolished in 1968 though stonework and steps which formed the raised terraces in the formal gardens still remain. The walled garden now houses a garden centre.

The first ghost story I ever heard (passed on by my lovely cousins) was about the Marbury Lady. The version I was told is that she could be seen in the park on a horse but I think this is where stories have been a bit mixed up. There is a legend of a ghost horse, The Marbury Dun, but I think they are separate stories. Anyway, I've been there lots of times at night during my youth and never seen a thing.
Our main reason for going was to try and encourage Opie to walk.

This photo shows how he behaves when we take him out. He stiffens his body and backs up,very reluctant to move at all (Never have I seen a dog to be so pleased to return back home, he runs around and rolls about like crazy). We know that he's not too keen on pavements but discovered he likes to walk through leaves. Opie actually seemed be enjoying himself. We'll have to take him back while there are still plenty of leaves on the ground.

The photo of Marbury Hall is from The Friends of Anderton and Marbury

Folksy Friday - Christmas Cards

This is my first Folksy Friday post and my chosen theme is Christmas greeting cards. There are so many different styles available, all tastes are catered for. These are just a few of my favourites.

I love the cuteness and humour on Sally's cards

This card set has a traditional British look to them.

A great craft theme card

These personalised colour in cards are ideal for keeping children busy on the lead up to Christmas

I don't think that I could chose a favourite from this set of hand drawn animal cards

I hope something caught your eye from this small selection.