Marbury Country Park

At the weekend we nipped over to Marbury Country Park. It's a lovely place to visit especially at this time of the year and as it is local I have been many times though it has changed considerably since I was a child.  

I was surprised at how quiet the park was considering the weather wasn't too bad. The park is extremely busy during Summer and there is always some kind of activity on the mere. 

Marbury Park was originally the site of a grand family estate until it was sold in the 1930's. The hall then had a number of uses including a country club (the open air pool is still there and in use) and during the Second World War, a military camp and prisoner of war camp. The last hall was demolished in 1968 though stonework and steps which formed the raised terraces in the formal gardens still remain. The walled garden now houses a garden centre.

The first ghost story I ever heard (passed on by my lovely cousins) was about the Marbury Lady. The version I was told is that she could be seen in the park on a horse but I think this is where stories have been a bit mixed up. There is a legend of a ghost horse, The Marbury Dun, but I think they are separate stories. Anyway, I've been there lots of times at night during my youth and never seen a thing.
Our main reason for going was to try and encourage Opie to walk.

This photo shows how he behaves when we take him out. He stiffens his body and backs up,very reluctant to move at all (Never have I seen a dog to be so pleased to return back home, he runs around and rolls about like crazy). We know that he's not too keen on pavements but discovered he likes to walk through leaves. Opie actually seemed be enjoying himself. We'll have to take him back while there are still plenty of leaves on the ground.

The photo of Marbury Hall is from The Friends of Anderton and Marbury


Handcrafted by Picto said...

I love these old parks and estates, the houses look very grand and imposing but the park and grounds look so friendly. Maybe Opie needs to wear some little doggy shoes :)

Shell said...

Hi Jan, it might be worth giving doggy shoes a go. At the moment it feels like we have the only dog in the world that dreads the word 'walk'.