A Busy Few Days

Recently I made the decision to plunge in to the world of selling online. Its something my friends and family have been encouraging me to do for years and it is something I've thought about but that is as far as it got, just thinking.
I made this Boston terrier plush last month which was inspired by vintage plush toys with disproportionately long limbs. Not seeing anything like it around and knowing how many people love this breed of dog I thought that maybe it would be a good thing to begin with.

I've made a few variations since making my first one

 and some Christmas decorations.

Coming up with a name for a shop was more difficult than I thought it would be. I didn't want to use any words such as felt, crochet, knitted, etc as then I'd be tying myself down to one specific product. I tried using the children's and pets names but nothing sounded right. Next I tried an online anagram generator and popped my name in. Using one of the results, I knocked off a couple of letters, added a Y and that is how I found the name, Molly Moochins. Everyone seems to like it  (I searched google and social media sites to make sure no one had used it)
I was ready to make a seller account so signed up on Etsy. Everything was going fine until I got to the verification stage where I had to photograph a driving licence or passport. This is where I got stuck because I have neither. I contacted customer services and if you have ever tried to get in touch, you will know that they don't rush. It took four days to get a response regarding verification but they accepted a utility bill and birth certificate as proof instead.
Next I made a shop on Folksy and made accounts under the Molly Moochins name on Twitter and Instagram. (My eyes have been killing me the past couple of days by constantly looking at screens) I'm not sure about making a page on Facebook yet. I keep my account private, just as a way to keep in touch with my family.

These are the places I can be found -

If anyone reading has experience selling online I would be grateful for any advice you could give me. I've been reading lots of tips but I'm sure I've probably missed something.

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