Dog T-Shirt

Our pup seemed to find it a bit cold in our house last week and while he didn't mind being bundled up in a blanket and be carried about like a baby, it's not very practical. At one point I even put the central heating on for him. I knew that Boston terriers feel the cold, that's why there are lots of photo's online of them wearing clothes and while I don't think it is chilly at all yet, Opie was shivering. 

We bought him the smallest t shirt that we could find in our local Pets At Home but the armholes were too big so his legs slipped out and he got in a bit of a taggle. Also he wasn't keen on the hood.

I looked online and found this free dog t shirt pattern and I made him some today using a couple of old t shirts. It fits much better than the one we purchased and so far he hasn't tried to pull it off.

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