New Family Member (and it's not a dog)

Last weekend we took Caleb to pick up his new pet, a crested gecko.

 He didn't want to buy one from a pet shop as the gecko's he had seen had no tails. (I thought they would grow back as they do with most lizards but once they drop off on this species, that's it). He found someone who breed them from their home and arranged to collect it. We already had a vivarium stored in the loft from when we had anoles and geckos years ago.

The gecko is female and has been named Tig. I think she's quite cute. She has little spikes just above her eyes which I think look like false eyelashes. She has been handled every day so is very tame and usually just crawls about on your arms though you have to be ready for the odd jump. Caleb's had her sat on a stool feeding her banana from a teaspoon. (He has his own separate spoon for this. I like lizards but I don't fancy sharing my cutlery with one)

My lovely next door neighbour popped round with these this week. Yesterday I made apple cake and applesauce cookies. Today it will be apple crumble then I'll stew the rest to put in the freezer.

I made a start on making Christmassy things this week, two stockings for dogs. The Molly stocking is for my cousin's Shih Tzu pup and Opie is for our dog when we bring him home. I used this free pattern for the bone shape.

It was so hard trying to think of a name for the dog. The only one most of us agreed on was Opie. Now Caleb has named his pet Tig it looks as though we're choosing characters names from Sons Of Anarchy ... but we're not.

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