Painting, Poster & Pup

Last week I painted our bathroom, the only room in the house I don't mind decorating as it is that small it only takes me two days to do from start to finish. Its gone from green to grey though when my Mum had a look she thought we hadn't changed the colour (now I know where I get my excellent observation skills from).

We put a new blind up though Anders thinks it is too bright but I thought it needed some other colour in there because it reminded me of a dentist waiting room.
Then I caught my eldest boy's cold germs so I've not felt great for the rest of the week. 

On Friday though I had a delivery that cheered me up, a signed poster of the film Dogged which I had won via Twitter. Dogged is a UK based folk horror film. It is being shown at lots of film festivals at the moment and from what I have read it has had great reviews so far. This is one I can't wait to watch. I've popped the Dogged trailer below.

Sunday we picked up our pup, Opie. The journey home takes around an hour and a half with good traffic and as he had only had a short car journey to the vets before I was expecting a bit of upset or sickness but he was fine and slept most of the way home. 

Basically he has slept most of the time we've had him because he is only 8 weeks old. Little L was expecting a playful, boisterous pup and everyone who has seen him has said 'Oh, I thought he'd be bigger than that' but he has plenty of time to grow yet. He has settled in quickly and loves everyone making a big fuss of him.

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