A Day In Morecambe

Yesterday Anders and myself spent a day in Morecambe. I hadn't been since I was around eight years old and it was some where Anders had never visited before. Due to my love of art deco buildings the main reason for our trip was for me to see the Midland Hotel.

I loved the seahorses and curved frontage above the main entrance of the hotel.

We found many more art deco buildings while walking around. I don't think I have seen so many in one location.

One of my favourites was this old Odeon cinema.

Walking along the seafront I spied this bookshop so had to cross the road and go in for a quick look.

I've never been in a bookshop so jam packed before, I didn't know where to begin looking. It was quite busy with people browsing.

We got talking to the owner and I mentioned the art deco buildings that we had seen. He told us that there was a boom in art deco building in Morecambe due to new rail travel links at the time. He also mentioned some buildings for us to keep our eyes open for. It was very nice of him to spend his time talking to us.

Walking along the seafront again we headed in the opposite direction towards the remains of Frontier Land. When I visited as a child I think it would have been called Morecambe Pleasure Park.

After the obligatory seaside bag of chips which Anders declared to be the best he'd ever tasted it was time for us to head home. We had a great day, lovely weather even getting a bit of a sun tan. Morecambe is definitely somewhere we will return to again.

Little L's Room

This weekend we began to redecorate Little L's room. Trust me to decide to do it during the UK heatwave. This was the colour of her room before we got the paint out

( I cropped this photo a lot as you could mainly see in to my neighbours houses )

and this is after.

The colour Little L chose is a bright aqua, Dulux paint 'High Hopes'. We opted for a washable paint when we had it mixed, easier to get rid of little hand prints. The duvet set I bought on sale from BHS.

I bought blackout curtains this time as there is a street light directly outside the bedroom window and after the tree in the front garden was chopped down too much light was shining in. (Believe it or not I did press those crumply looking curtains, I'm hoping the rest of the creases will fall out)

The only new things that I made for the room were this shark canvas

and this bunting.

Little L loves her room and has been spending more time in there over the past couple of days plus she is even trying her best to keep it tidy.

Moon Art

Ever since we finished decorating our bedroom at the beginning of this year I've been searching for a large print or canvas to hang above our bed. As the other walls have shelves this one has always looked too bare. 

We knew that we wanted an image of the moon and if possible a hanging canvas but it was only this week that I have managed to find a large one in the UK. Others I had seen were either too small for the space I wanted to cover or were from another country which meant paying more than I wanted to on p&p plus import tax.

The canvas that we purchased can be found here. It was only after it arrived that I saw the company that produced the canvas is Newgate. The same company who are well known for making clocks and watches.
These are some of the other prints that we considered. The Full Moon print from AllPosters  with the option of also having it framed. At the moment there is 25% off orders.

A Trip To The Moon print from Etsy shop, Dare To Dream Prints. I love this image. It always reminds me of The Smashing Pumpkins 'Tonight,Tonight' video.

This Vintage Lunar Moon Map from Ebay.

These are just a few of my favourites that I found while searching for a print.

Libbie Club - July Box

The July Libbie Box arrived this week. 

These were this months products.

COWSHED Invigorating Body Lotion
Cowshed products are made in England and use only natural products. This invigorating body lotion contains lemongrass, ginger and rosemary. While the lotion did moisturise my skin and left a lovely lemon scent I don't feel that it absorbed easily.

Bean Body Coconut Coffee Scrub
This body scrub is cruelty free, vegan friendly and contains no parabens. It exfoliates the skin, helps to reduce cellulite and stretch marks and moisturises the skin. The scrub does smell strongly of coffee so if you don't like that scent I wouldn't recommend using it. Using it can be a bit messy and your shower/bath will need a good clean afterwards. When rinsing the scrub off it can look like it has stained your skin but it does wash off. My skin was left lovely and soft after use. (I also got my husband to do a sniff test to make sure I didn't smell of coffee .. (I didn't)

New CID Cosmetics Eye Pencil and Shadow
This is the product I was most looking forward to trying. It is a dual ended eye pencil with a liner at one end and eye shadow at the other with the eye shadow being contained inside the lid. 

The eyeliner seemed fine when used on my lower lashes but it wasn't very noticeable when applied to my top lid even after going over it a few times. It is marketed as an easy solution to achieve a smokey eye but after using the eye shadow I found that it did not blend very well and all it resulted in was messy eye make up.

These Libbie Club offers are on until 31/7/16

Dressing Hats

On my last post I showed that I had practised making a corset on a plant pot. 

Today I made the actual ones. These hats belong to one of my friends and now they have their corsets on she will finish dressing them with other steampunky bits and pieces. I love the fabric that she chose and think it goes well with the style of hat.