Bobble Crochet Pillowcase Edge

I love bobble edge trim and wanted to try and replicate a bobble edge using crochet. I'm sure there must be another way of making a crochet bobble but this is the only way I know.

Foundation Row  Edge the pillowcase using blanket stitch, 1cm down from the edge and the stitches 1cm apart

Join the wool in to a blanket stitch using sl st

Make bobble - Ch4, 3tr (leaving the last loop from each tr on the hook), pull wool through all 4sts, ch4, sl st in to htr.

Row 1  - 3dc in to each blanket stitch, join the row end with sl st

Row 2 - 4ch, skip 2dc, htr in next dc, * 2ch, skip 2dc, htr in next dc. Repeat from * to end, sl st in ch2 of beg 4ch.

Row 3 - Ch4, 3tr (leaving the last hoop of each tr on the hook), pull wool through all 4sts, ch4, sl st into beg of 4ch, * 2 sl st across 2ch, sl st in to htr, 2 sl st across 2ch, sl st in to htr and make bobble. Repeat from * to end. Fasten off with sl st.


APO (Bem-Trapilho) said...

thanks for your visit! love to see you in my blog.
It's been quite a while and I appologise for that. My time is little but I try to strech it... :)
But here I am and I loved you news.
big kiss from Portugal!

Kate said...

This trim is so pretty on the pillowcase and rather old fashioned - I like that. I remember growing up with crocheted trim on all sorts of linens that we used.

Anonymous said...

I'm from america. Happy holiday's! What does htr mean? Thanks!

teresa wigmore said...
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teresa wigmore said...

In the USA its a half double crochet. Us brits call it half treble. Hope that helps :-)

Janice Kay Schaub said...

I love this, I did learn to do that in school, oh so long ago when home crafts were taught in school. I now grab any I find at sales or antique shops. It used to be cheap to pick those things up but not any more. I will have to begin doing my own again

Shell said...

Thanks for visiting the blog Janice :)
I have not spotted any pillowcases for a long time in my local charity shops ready to crochet or embroider on for a while. Doilies are an another thing which I don't seen to see much of these days.Still I'm anyways on the look out.