Tutorial Sites

I have looked around the internet for tutorials of how to make this and that plus recipes for ages now, which is how I stumbled upon the world of blogging in the first place. I used to bookmark any tutorials which I liked the look of and if I found myself keep getting drawn back to the blog I'd follow it. Lately I've been looking more at tutorial sites, I could just click my way through all the categories for hours,oohing and ahhing at other peoples creations.

Craftgossip is the first one which took my fancy. Not only does it have absolutely tons of tutorials, they also do book/product reviews plus lots of giveaways. You can also submit your tutorial to be featured on Craftgossip.

Cut Out and Keep is a place for sharing tutorials which are put on the site and not through links. I like that anything which catches your eye can be favourited so you can use it at a later date.

I only stumbled across Freubelweb recently as I was curious as to where some of my blog traffic was coming from. After investigating, I found a lovely tutorial site and through the site found

diy:LIVLIG. As well as tutorials on here, there as lots of links for tutorials on other blogs. I only happened to find this one today so I know that I'll be doing alot of clicking yet to look at everything.
What are your favourite kind of sites or what keeps you looking through the wonderful world of blogs far longer than you intended to ?


Julia said...

Thanks for sharing this. They all look interesting. Going to bookmark your page and do some browsing later.... Best regards Julia

Patty said...

I don't know the last two -- I'll have to check them out. Thanks for the links!