Chocolate Pizza

Last Friday evening the children made a chocolate pizza. I had seen one being make on a food programme so bought some ingredients and let the children have a go.

 This is what they used for their pizza -
Ready made pizza base
Chocolate, white, plain and milk
Toffee sauce
Digestive biscuits, crushed.

I part cooked the pizza base before I let the children loose on it as I knew the chocolate wouldn't take too long to melt.The children broke all the chocolate up and sprinkled it on the base along with some marshmallows. The base was then popped in the oven for a couple of minutes for the chocolate and marshmallows to melt. When the pizza was ready it was topped with toffee sauce and sprinkled with the digestive biscuits.
As much as I love chocolate, the pizza didn't appeal to me. I think it was a bit too chocolately looking. Everybody else said it was nice, though youngest lad said that it gave him a dry throat.

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