Christmas Bunny

This is what I have made this week, a Christmas bunny decoration. I know that rabbits aren't a creature traditionally associated with Christmas but I love them. The pieces that I used for the rabbit are at the bottom of the post.

A bell, pom pom or button to add to the hat - (The bell I used on mine was originally on a chocolate bunny)


I placed my rabbit pieces in position on to the felt I choice as my background colour. I used a dab of craft glue to keep them in place.

The pieces were stitched in place using tiny straight stitches.

Next embroider on the rabbit's face.

I then cut around the rabbit leaving a small edge of the background felt. With the same felt which was used as a background, cut out a matching shape and sew the two pieces together, inserting a small length of ribbon at the top for hanging. Slightly stuff before closing up.


mcrafts said...

Thanks for posting this - what a lovely little thing :)

Shell said...

Thank you mcrafts :)

Patty said...

Your bunny is cute!

Patty said...

Wait a minute, your chocolate bunnies come with little bells? I feel so cheated.