Finished Quilt

This week has been a bit of an odd one for me as Little L started school full time. She absolutely loves it . The only problem she seems to have is that she every time she goes to the toilet, she gets locked in and has had to be rescued by an older pupil or the teacher. I'm pleased Little L has settled in so easily. For me, going home to an empty, very quiet house is strange. Also shopping alone is something I haven't done for quite a few years. I've managed to get the housework done faster which has given me time to finish off my first quilt this week.

I finished it off this afternoon and it has already left the house for it's new home at my Mum's.

Trying Something New

Over the summer holidays I have been trying out something new craft wise. Beside making this dolls quilt for Little L I've not done any patchwork so I thought I'd give it another go mainly to reduce my stash of fabric.

The first thing I made was another dolls quilt but with a hexagon pattern. Most of this was done sitting in the garden on the (very few) nice days we have had here.

The next was this not very colourful quilt top. I always seem to accumulate more fabric in brown shades and most of this has been given to me or started off as clothing. When I was sewing the pieces together I found that some of the cotton blends were a bit stretchy so my joins on this aren't perfect and I also found that I wasn't that bothered about it. I must be getting less picky in my old age because not long ago I would have cut down the troublesome squares to fit perfectly or removed them. I'll have to see if the pickiness returns on my next one.

I also bought this book on quilting ( because I know nothing ) off Ebay for 99p. I think you can pick up some bargain crafty book from there as long as you don't mind them being a bit dated.

These are some blocks which I have started. I'm finding these ones a bit more fiddly and may be some time finishing this one.