A Surprise Present

A couple of days ago I arrived home to a lovely surprise package. I first thought maybe it was a Christmas gift that I had ordered but had forgotten about, had a good prod and poke before opening it and found I had won a tote bag. Recently What Katie Did asked for votes to chose their new bag design then gave away 25 of them. These bags are not available to buy so I feel really lucky to have received one. Isn't it gorgeous .. I think the hair and gold colour give it an Art Deco feel. My favourite design period.

What Katie Did sells vintage inspired lingerie from the 1940s and 50s. It was my love of vintage underwear which soon led me to WKD years ago. I'd bought some new Lady Marlene pieces from US Ebay but soon I noticed the prices rising, not as many listings appearing then saw the company had ceased manufacturing. Then I found WKD online. ( I think it may have been before their London shop opened ) I've purchased several items, all of exceptional quality and arrived quickly, beautifully packaged. There is always something I'm drawn to, currently 6 strap garter belts. When we married in 2005 I wore a WKD under bust girdle under my 1940s style dress. 
The designs below are on the bags that I have bought from What Katie Did previously. ( my teenage boys are never too happy if I ask them to hold one of these in public )

My Mum and Gran both think it hilarious that I love vintage style underwear. My Mum has seen my things drying and said 'Come on !, I bet Anders thinks he's married to an old woman '. Actually my husband prefers vintage style to modern underwear so that is not a problem in our house. My Gran ( who is 91 years old ) told me that she couldn't wait to get married and move out so she could wear a garter belt because my Great Gran would only let the girls wear lace up corsets. When I asked about lacing up, she shared a bedroom with two of her sisters so they laced each other up. 
I have to put this in about my Grandad who has now sadly gone. Before I married I rang my Gran and asked about what she wore, the subject moved on to underwear and French knickers. My Grandad shouted down the loud speaker on the phone ' You don't have any do you ?' .. I replied that I had ... He started chuckling then said ' Well aren't you kinky. In my day we called them easy feelers '. I'd never heard that before nor been so embarrassed by my Grandad for that matter.

Christmas Jackalope Ornament

Today I've been making some Christmassy jackalopes to hang from our tree.

I drew a silhouette of a rabbits head using a photo then added some antlers. The head and antlers were cut from thin vinyl taken from showroom sample books.

A hole was made with a hole punch in the top of the head and the antlers were painted. I didn't have any metallic paint and wasn't keen on Little L's glitters so I painted mine using nail polish.

When the paint (nail polish) had dried, the antlers were then glued on to the head and a length of thin ribbon was used for hanging up the ornament .

This is the template that I made to make the jackalopes.

Woolly Christmas Ornaments

At this time of year I start searching the internet for Christmas ornament patterns. Usually I look for something using felt but this year decided to make some knitted and crocheted ones instead. Once I began looking I founds loads of free patterns. These are the ones that I made. I've put the links for the patterns that I used underneath each photo.

Knitted mini Christmas stockings

These are what Little L has made for both of her Grans. They just need some magnets gluing on to the backs now. As long as the charts aren't too complicated she makes these on her own but I tend to get the job of being the bead sorter.