Christmas Rocking Horse

Last Christmas when my decorations were out Little L seemed particularly fond of my rocking horses. I would find them moved from where they had been originally placed to being clustered together in a little herd. None are valuable or would easily break so I didn't mind Little L playing with them. Before they were stored away I took some photos of them with the idea of making some felt ones for our Christmas tree. This is the first one which I have made.


Felt - grey, green, red and white
Embroidery thread in colours to match the felt plus small amounts in light grey, yellow and black

All the patterns pieces were cut from felt, cutting 2 pieces for the body, rocker and tail. The parts were placed and sewn on to one of the body shapes with small straight stitches using two strands of embroidery thread.

The details on the saddle, harness and rocker were added using french knots and chain stitch in yellow thread and light grey on the mane and tail. The eye, nostril and ear were added using black thread.
The two tail pieces were sewn together then the two body pieces, inserting the ribbon for hanging and the tail as I went along. The two pieces for the rocker were sewn together inserting the feet.
Small circles of white felt were glued on for the spots.

Crocheted Cuddlies

This week I've been trying to finish off a few things before I begin anything else. I still have some unfinished things hanging about but at least there are a few less.

This bear was made for my sisters nephew. The pattern I used is from this Ana Paula Rimoli book.

Little L kept this next bear and named him Barney. This pattern is a free one which I found on Ravelry. It's called Potato bear on the beach by May Ahmaymet.  I used DK wool and a 4mm hook for mine so it turned out larger.

This little felt beach house has been lingering around since before the Summer holidays. All the parts had been cut out and left on a tray waiting for me to get around to making a start. Anyway it's finished and now the tray is covered in other tiny bits of felt for something else. 

This pattern is available from Noia Land on Esty.