A Day In Morecambe

Yesterday Anders and myself spent a day in Morecambe. I hadn't been since I was around eight years old and it was some where Anders had never visited before. Due to my love of art deco buildings the main reason for our trip was for me to see the Midland Hotel.

I loved the seahorses and curved frontage above the main entrance of the hotel.

We found many more art deco buildings while walking around. I don't think I have seen so many in one location.

One of my favourites was this old Odeon cinema.

Walking along the seafront I spied this bookshop so had to cross the road and go in for a quick look.

I've never been in a bookshop so jam packed before, I didn't know where to begin looking. It was quite busy with people browsing.

We got talking to the owner and I mentioned the art deco buildings that we had seen. He told us that there was a boom in art deco building in Morecambe due to new rail travel links at the time. He also mentioned some buildings for us to keep our eyes open for. It was very nice of him to spend his time talking to us.

Walking along the seafront again we headed in the opposite direction towards the remains of Frontier Land. When I visited as a child I think it would have been called Morecambe Pleasure Park.

After the obligatory seaside bag of chips which Anders declared to be the best he'd ever tasted it was time for us to head home. We had a great day, lovely weather even getting a bit of a sun tan. Morecambe is definitely somewhere we will return to again.

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Carol S. said...

Wow, that bookstore is fantastic!
And L's room make-over is delightful.