Folksy Friday - Father Christmas

It's the time of year when there will be lots of excited children waiting for a visit from the man in the big red suit. Little L doesn't believe in Father Christmas any more. Nevertheless when she didn't receive a letter from Santa last year she got quite upset and I had to make one at the last minute in Photoshop. I think she keeps up the pretense of believing for me and Anders just as the boys did until we had to admit to telling porkies. Even though the kids do get excited for Christmas, it's not the same kind of excitement so this weeks theme is Father Christmas.

Santa Earrings

Clare at The Grimm Exhibition
Father Christmas diorama

ndm handmade
Felt Father Christmas decoration (these are also available in other colours)

A Little Yarn Hug
Knitted Santa

Personalised magic key

Even though orders through Folksy or from any online shop may not reach you in time for this Holiday season, it's always good to get some ideas for the coming year. 
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Wishing you a very Merry Christmas

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