Folksy Friday - Winter Landscapes

I do love picturesque Winter landscapes even if I'm not too keen on the reality of the weather. If we are lucky enough to get a bit of snow it soon turns to dirty slush because the gritters have been out. Yet the gritters never make an appearance when it's deadly ice and I'm in danger of putting on a poor imitation of Jayne Torvill at the end Bolero in front of all the school Mums. Little L loved the little bit of snow we have had this year and her school friends turned up for snowball fights. It was Opie's first experience of snow, he loved it and didn't want to come in even though he was wet though and shivering.

Hare in Winter landscape print

Pretty Winter berries hand embroidered brooch

This Winter landscape card would look lovely in a frame

ndm handmade
Felt embroidery landscape

Thank you for looking at this weeks Folksy Friday selection.
Happy New Year.

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