Happy New Year

Late as usual but I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. A couple of days before Christmas I started with an ear infection then after that a cold. Straight in to the New Year the kettle and tumble dryer decided to pack up. The tumble dryer was expected at any time though as it was acting a bit temperamental.
Right, that's my moaning is out of the way.

We had a great Christmas, our first with Opie and he was very well behaved considering all the excitement going on around him. He came to my parent's with us on Boxing Day and was as good as gold. He was so spoilt with presents from people, it was like having another child in the house.

You can tell by my face what I think of these pj's

I'm working my way these books that I received for Christmas. 

I also received lots of lovely bath products but I had a bit of an accident after using a bath bomb. I underestimated how slippery it would made the bath. Half in and out of the bath, the leg in the bath shot from under me, the other leg kicked the sink and I fell on to the tiles on the wall and back in to the bath. So I was sat there in agony in my slippery bath wondering how the hell I was going to clamber out. It resulted in a lovely bruise on my back.

Everyone is back to their normal routine here and Opie is acting a bit clingy, wanting to be cuddled more often. He must have enjoyed the family members all being home plus the hustle and bustle of Christmas


Carol S. said...

Happy new year, Shell! And ooof that bruise!

Handcrafted by Picto said...

Happy New Year, glad to hear you had a great Christmas despite the many mishaps. Ouch, that bruise looks sore, you need a nice soak in a bathbomb free tub x

Shell said...
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Shell said...

Thank you Carol. Thank you Jan. Happy New Year to you both.
I'm known to be quite clumsy but I've not injured myself like that in a long time. No more bath bombs left so I don't feel like I'm dicing with death every time I get in to the tub x

Julia K Walton said...

Happy New Year. What a cutie Opie is. Sorry to read that you had a fall: that looks painful. I've still got a bit of a black eye after falling over in our back porch, so I can sympathise! Let's hope 2018 goes more smoothly :o)

Shell said...

Hi Julia, Happy New Year. We're also in de cluttering mode here with trip to the charity shop planned for tomorrow which my husband hates because parking near to the shop is terrible (I couldn't comment on your blog for some reason)