Newmann's Flashes

On Sunday we decided to get out of the house and blow away the cobwebs while there was a break in the bad weather. We went for a walk around Newmann's Flashes which is only about a 5 minutes drive from our house.

The flashes are reclaimed lime beds which were once used by ICI and are now a popular place for walkers and birdwatchers to visit. It was the most busy I've seen it this Sunday, lots of dog walkers.

The trees and undergrowth are still bare but I did spot some signs of Spring.

Little L took her bike and got covered in mud. Opie got covered in mud due to running through it. Both seemed to enjoy getting as dirty as possible so it was bath time for those two as soon as we came home. 
It was good to get out even if it was only 5 minutes away. 

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