Folksy Friday - Childhood Memories

With the popularity of the Netflix series Stranger Things and the film Ready Player One due to be released this year, the 1980's resurgence doesn't show any signs of waning just yet. I quite enjoy all the 80's references when I sit and revisit my teenage years. I'm glad I grew up in a time where it was the 'in thing' to wear electric blue mascara with purple eyeliner, something I'm certain I'll never do again. 
My childhood during the 1970's was a great time too. I do wish that I had kept more of my old toys although I do still have my beloved Sindy dolls in the loft.
Now that I've made myself feel old, my Folksy Friday theme this week is childhood memories.

Jessie Growden Design This Spirograph inspired necklace. Spirograph was one of my favourite toys when I was young. We bought one for Little L a few years ago but the new version is pretty rubbish in comparison.

Daisylions I love this Space Hopper decoration. Little L still bounces about on a Space Hopper here that belonged to Caleb when he was young.

Also made by Daisylions is this fun Dib Dab decoration. Sherbert was my sisters favourite sweet. She was forever getting shouted at by my Mum for getting it on the carpet and making it sticky.

Simon Lewis IllustrationI'm not much of a sweet lover now but I was as a child. We seemed to get loads of sweets in a 10p mix but then again half pence were still in currency. There was an art to eating those sweet necklaces without getting a sticky neck or twanging yourself with the elastic.

Nicely Made by Natalie This paper bunting is made using a complete vintage Mr Men book so that it can still be read.
I hope you liked this weeks selection
Have a great weekend

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