Back To The Usual

Well it's back to my usual routine now that the children have returned to school after the Easter break. I always find the house far too quiet when I'm home alone and prefer to hear the sound of my kids about the house even if the only noise is of them bickering. We never left the house over the holidays as we all managed to have the flu bug which is going around. Little L has only just shook off a nasty cough which she's had for about a fortnight but for the moment everyone here is fit and well.
Over the holidays I've been trying out some new recipes. A couple of which I found while looking through recipe apps. 

Cheesecake cookies, ready to be cut in to squares and a lemon drizzle cake. Both of these were gone within 24 hours so I'll definitely be baking these again.

Potatoes layered with ham, cheese and onion. Not too pretty to look at but they did taste nice.
Also over the holidays I was lucky enough to receive this book which I won in a book give away on Cut Out And Keep.

The book contains easy to follow instructions on binding techniques and some of the smaller books are simply stapled or glued. These are a few of my favourite designs from this book although there are none that I don't like.

Book Necklace

Butterfly Wings Book

Antique Key Book

I can see myself losing this book to Caleb who loves it.

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