Trying New Recipes

I thought I'd share some new recipes which I have tried out over the past week.

These raspberry jam bars went so fast that I ended up baking two batches in a week. I had been popping them in to lunch boxes though. I found the recipe for these through The Big Oven app.

I made these pesto and cheese straws to use up half a pack of puff pastry I had left over after making a pie. The other ingredients were already in the house. Some unravelled slightly but most stayed nice and twisty. As soon as Caleb came home from school, he and his friend grabbed some to snack on and his friend described them as 'Well Nice'. The recipe is from Cut Out And Keep.

Lemoney Yoghurt Cake
This one, lemoney yogurt cake,  I only tried out yesterday and I can't see it lasting until the end of today. Quite a large chunk of it has already gone due to my cake loving husband and two teenage boys. This recipe can be found on the Homemade Life blog. Thank you for sharing your recipe Paula :)

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Paula said...

I like trying out new recipes too and I quite like the look of your pesto straws. I'm glad you enjoyed the cake :-)