Colourful Crochet

These are just a couple of small things which I managed to finish off over the weekend.

These little bunnies just needed sewing together which was only a small job but sewing up has to be my least favourite part of any knitting or crocheting. Very quick to make and ideal for using up any scrap wool. The tutorial can be found here.

This scarf only needed the ends sewing in. It is made up of a simple flower motif which was crocheted together as I went along. It measures approximately 70in x 4in.


Jille said...

They are cute, you have done a really lovely job! I've noticed that these are very popular over blogland at the moment, I hope that I can make one as nice as yours
Jille xx

Paula said...

I love the cute crochet bunnies and the flowers, the colours you used work so well together. You did a brilliant job. I agree with you, sewing the different pieces together is also my least favourite part of knitting/crocheting.