Duke Of Lancaster

On the way back home from Prestatyn we stopped off at Mostyn to take a  look at the permanently beached ship, Duke of Lancaster. I've been past it many times but never taken a closer look. From the road there are two tracks either side of a stream which you can walk along to get close to the ship. The track on the left side takes you nearer to the ship and there is also more art work on this side. It is not possible to go right up to the ship as it is surrounded by razor wire and there was also a security guard and guard dog present. 
These photos are all taken from the left track.

These were taken from the right.

The street art being painted on the ship is still an on going project. More information about the art work and artists can be found here here. It certainly seems a popular place to take snaps as we bumped in to four groups of people armed with camera's while we were there.


Stephanie Fermor said...

If you were that close to the fun ship then you must have stopped at Abakhan too! Oh I miss visiting them :)

Paula said...

I followed the link to the Wikipedia article, very interesting. I quite like some of those paintings.