Out And About In Wales - Pt 1

On Friday my husband and I had the rare opportunity to go gallivanting child free. As soon as the children were in school we set off on our travels. We headed towards Llangollen via what my husband called a scenic route to cut out stretches of by passes. The scenic route involved us going down Horseshoe Pass ( a very high, long winding road, no fences, )where I discovered my fear of heights has definitely got much worse with age. Most of the time I had my eyes shut and I did debate whether to get out of the car and walk down. I was petrified.
When we reached Llangollen I was glad I'd put my mitts in my pocket, the wind was bitterly cold and felt like we were still in Winter. During the day we did have some quick bursts of sunshine and a few showers but the wind was the worse.

 I spotted this taxidermy shop while we were there which I thought was pretty unusual, I've certainly never come across one before.

After our wander around Llangollen we headed to Ruabon to pay my sister a quick visit. We had a nice brew and natter with Jay and my brother in law and I made friends with their dog, Bandit. He's 2 years old, weighs almost 8 stone and is as daft as a brush. Jay showed us all the incubators full of eggs, about 20,000. It's approaching a busy time of year for them work wise.

Our next stop was Ruthin . The town was quite busy and has some lovely houses and shops. I managed to find a craft shop and a wool shop which I just had to pop into for a look. There were lots of historical buildings there which we didn't have the chance to look at as many had started to shut for the day.We walked to the castle which was also in the town where I took some photos of the grounds 

and the peacocks which were wandering around. The peacocks were making a right noise and were not at all bothered when we got quite close to them. I didn't take any photos of the castle its self as there was a wedding taking place.

We also had a child free night and the plan was to grab a take away and watch a film but I had a job to keep my eyes open after nine hours of gallivanting about.

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Paula said...

That sounds like the perfect day. Your photos are beautiful and I love the last one of the peacock, such amazing colours.