Out And About In Wales - Pt 2

On Saturday Little L took to walking about the house with her little metal detector, pretending to look for pirates treasure. This was a Christmas present which someone had bought for her and it had been left untouched on top of her wardrobe until now. We decided to head for a beach the next day so she could try it out and find a treasure chest or even a pirates sword, which she was convinced she would find. 
The weather was fabulous on Sunday, warm and very sunny. Caleb joined us but my eldest boy could not be talked in to coming ( I think it's his age ). The first beach that we tried, we couldn't even get near to so we went to the next one long the coast which was Prestatyn. This one was very busy with lots of sand castle building, rock pool exploring and paddling taking place.

Well Little L's metal detector did quite a bit of beeping but we didn't find anything, not one thing. 

The thing which she enjoyed the most was looking through the rock pools, she loved it. I don't think that she had ever seen a starfish before. 

Even though Little L didn't manage to find any pirates treasure, she was more excited with the shells that she had collected and called those her treasures.


claire said...

aww that's a great present! Shame you didn't find any treasure though

Paula said...

What a shame she didn't find any buried treasure but it looks like you all had a great day out all the same. What a funny shaped starfish, I've never seen one like it.