Cheshire Craft Workshop

Yesterday we took Little L to the Cheshire Craft Workshop to paint some pottery. There is a large selection of pottery to choose from including plates, money boxes, cups and small ornaments. Little L settled on a small car. She was given an apron and empty palette, all the paints were ready laid out on the tables. There were quite a few people in there painting both children and adults. After the pottery is finished you can take it home as it is ,have it varnished which takes an hour to dry or have it glazed and fired which takes about 1 week. Little L had her ornament varnished as we were staying for a while anyway.

Next Little L had a go at candle dipping.

 She was so pleased with herself when it was twisted and finished off.

While waiting for the varnish to dry on Little L's car we nipped to look around the aquatics centre next door. As well all things fishy they sell birds, reptiles and small mammals and we ended up coming home with a new rabbit. A baby mini Rex which we named Coco. I have had a standard Rex rabbit before and she could be a bit snappy at times so I asked about the temperament of the mini ones and was told that they are not as bad tempered as the larger rabbits. The baby rabbits were used to being handled and Coco seems quite happy to sleep on our laps.

So we went out to paint a pot and came home with a baby rabbit. I wasn't expecting that when I got out of bed.

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