New Craft Supplies

A friend of my sisters has been having a bit of a sort out and as she knew that I could sew she sent some things my way. A couple of weeks ago I was sent a dress makers dummy, still in it's box, as it had only been used once for making some bridesmaids dresses and a large tin of sewing thread. This week I received these from the same lady.

The large bag held this wool which its mainly double knitting.

This was the contents of the tin

and this was inside the vanity case. There were quite a few old knitting patterns, mostly for children.

I especially like this ladybird fabric. There is about 4 metres of it so it's a pity that I can't get Little L to wear a dress so I can make her one. I'd make one for myself but I don't think that a dress covered in ladybirds would be a good look on someone quickly approaching 42.

I wanted to sent a gift as a thank you for all the things being sent to me but my sister told me that the best thing to do was to donate to the hospice local to them. The hospice had looked after the lady when she was ill and now she does a lot to help them in return. The donation was easily done on line. I just need to find a space to squash all the stuff into now.


Kate said...

How delightful to receive all these goodies. Definitely you are not too old to wear a dress made from the ladybird fabric - go for it!

claire said...

awww that's so kind of her to send you things she knows you would appreciate. I hate throwing things away, I always try and think of someone that would like them!

Paula said...

Lucky you to have received such wonderful goodies, I love the fabrics they're so pretty.

APO (Bem-Trapilho) said...

Ohhh how I´ve missed you! I haven't had much time, these days, but here I am now! :)
lovely stuff you have here. I bet you're gonna make a lot of cute things!

Now I have some neuws:
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Visit, coment as you wish, e click "like"! :)

thank youuuu!