Good Friday Day Out

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After noticing the weather forecast for the Bank Holiday weekend which gave rain everyday besides Friday, it was decided for us what day we would take a trip. 
We opted to go to Ruthin again to see the peacocks at the castle but also visited the craft centre for the first time.

The exhibitions at the moment are by artists Mandy Coates

and David Jones. 
This one was my favourite. Some of the pieces reminded me of the blue meanies from The Yellow Submarine animated film. I think it was because of the teeth on some of them or maybe the shape. 

Little L found it all a bit boring. She would rather be doing something than just looking.That's why she liked the ark because you could actually go inside it. The artist, Mae Thomas happened to be there that day.

 She showed us photo's of the ark being build from cutting down of the trees to completion,  the first ark that she had made 30 years before from an old cupboard and her artwork featuring the ark. Little L wrote what she would take on to the ark in an old altas that Mae had altered.

We then went for a walk in the town must be lovely to be able to looks at these views every day.

For a nosey around the antique centre ( I love the old cinema doors )

before going to see the peacocks at the castle. 

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