Chicken Watching,

sitting, minding or what every it is you call looking after some chickens. Our neighbours went away for a few days and asked us to keep on eye on theirs for them. We just made sure they were fed and watered, opened them in the morning and shut them up at night.    
  Three of them are silkies but I don't know what the other breeds are. Little L was expecting to walk in and pet them as she used to with ours but they were very timid and hid. All except this one.

We had been warned that this hen does try to escape when ever the coop door was opened. The first day she didn't try anything, after that it was a race to get out before she did. I'm glad she didn't get out because I'm not sure if I'd be able to handle her, she's massive. Maybe she's not that big for a chicken, I'm just comparing the size to the little bantams we had.
Our chicken watching duties are now over and the best thing .. not having to buy any eggs this week.

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