BritRock Must Be Destroyed Tour

This month has been as exciting month here especially for me as I went to see two of my favourite bands, twiceI saw on Facebook last year that there would be a tour featuring three British rock bands from the 90's. The tour named BritRock Must Be Destroyed features The Wildhearts, Reef and Terrorvision. I've been a big fan of Terrorvision and The Wildhearts long before my children were born and still have some of my old band t shirts (though I must admit to get in them now would be a bit of a squeeze). After informing Anders he told me to keep my eye open for when tickets would be available and he bought some the day they went on sale. That was November last year so we've had a long wait.

The opening night was May 4th at Manchester Academy and it was fortunate that we bought tickets early as it sold out. This venue was standing only and with me only being short I couldn't see much, the head and shoulders of the band members if I stood on tip toes and peeped around other people's shoulders. Dodgy was the opening band (we didn't watch as it's not the kind of music that we listen to), The Wildhearts, Reef then Terrorvision. All bands played 60 minutes with the last one being classed as the headliner and playing an extra 15 minutes. The order of the line up changed throughout the tour but both concerts we attended the line up was the same.
The day after Manchester I asked Anders if he would go again then quick as a flash tickets were purchased for May 24th at Leeds O2 Academy which was the next venue closest to us at about 70 miles away. So that's where we were last night. This time we sat up in a balcony and I could see everything. I didn't know until we were there last night that children aged 8+ could go (on the balcony with an adult) or we would have taken Little L, it would have been a great experience for her. She would have loved it plus she's really in to The Wildhearts at the moment. 
Both nights were amazing, all the bands were fantastic. I liked the different venues for different reasons, Leeds because I could actually see the bands but Manchester seemed to have a better atmosphere but maybe that was due to being in a large crowd.
My question to Anders on waking this morning was 'Would you go again'? but with the last date being in Portsmouth over 200 miles away from us I don't think we'll be making that one tomorrow.

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