Folksy Friday - Spooky Stuff

Recently Little L had a day off school due to illness. I wasn't too keen on a full day of the Goosebumps series even though I think some of them are quite good so I decided to introduce her to the film, Lost Boys. 
I've watched it countless times but not for a long while. I'd forgotten how nice looking I thought Corey Haim and Keifer Sutherland were at the time and how good the soundtrack was. Little L loved it but I don't think she quite as taken with vampires as she is with werewolves.

Little L dressed for World Book Day

So for this weeks Folksy Friday I've been looking at items that are often associated with horror films.

Tarot card lampshade

Spooky castle and bat necklace

Ouija board design jewellery box

Skeleton Brooch

I hope you liked this weeks selection
Have a great weekend

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