Crafty Catch Up

Just a quick post to share what I've been up to craft wise. 

I have mentioned that I wanted to make something patchwork but while I was looking through my fabric I found something that I'd started but had forgotten about. Last May I purchased some pre cut squares of vintage fabric and had sewn some plain natural colour fabric on to the back of the pieces with the intention of making a fusion blanket. That was as far as I got with it so this week I've been busy sewing blanket stitch around the edges of the squares. There are 60 squares in total and I'm about half way through with the blanket stitching.

These are some of my favourite prints.
               The fabric was purchased from Ebay seller, coneygarth.

I've also started to knit a multi stripe cardigan using a pattern from an old Let's Knit magazine. This was to use wool from my stash but I needed to buy a couple of balls so that I had enough. I bought the extra wool from Deramores. I've now remembered why I don't knit so much these days, I'm in agony with my hands after just a couple of days knitting so this cardy is going to take a while.

Little L asked if she could try knitting again so we got her little needles out and had another go. The thing with Little L is that she gets distracted so easily by anything ... the dog, the telly, other peoples conversations. I cast on 20 stitches and counted them after every row she knitted (at one point she ended up with 34). She's get there in the end.

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Carol S. said...

Your projects look wonderful! Have a wonderful weekend!