New Summer Sandals

At the weekend one of my friends posted a link on Facebook of a 2 for 1 offer currently on Sun Jellies sandals. If the offer had not been on I doubt that I would have gone out and bought any for myself but I think they are ideal for paddling around at the seaside. I usually buy cheap flip flops for this then spend most of my time chasing after them in the sea when they have slipped off my feet.

I placed the order on Saturday and they arrived today. Little L loves them and has worn them all day. She said they were really comfy and she hasn't stopped jumping about as she is convinced they make her jump higher. I think that is because the sole is soft so maybe feels bouncy to her. I'd forgotten how comfortable they were to wear as I was a jellies wearer myself in the 80's and also had a couple of the bags to use as my school bag. My old ones were in this style though and always in black.
The offer is on until midnight Sunday 27th July. The code to put in at the checkout is SUN241.
I can't wait for our next visit to the seaside now for a splash about.


WinnibriggsHouse said...

Hi She'll, thanks for popping by my blog. I know what you mean about destroying good jewellery. I only use brooches that have lost their pins, odd earrings or pieces that have lost stones, which I then replace. All the decent pieces I find will be sold through Olive and Edna, either on line or in one of our pop up shops. It's amazing what you can find though once you start looking. Love the jelly shoes by the way, such a sensible thing for our seaside, always assuming your daughters will last that long!

Shell said...

I've bought a few necklaces and brooches from charity shops and always wondered what happened to the miss matched and broken stuff. They just always seem to be lingering around discarded in the bottom of a box.
We're off to the seaside to test our jellies out tomorrow. Due to the newness Little L is treating them like gold dust. Let's see if she can keep it up when they are filled with sand.