Dressing Dolls

A while ago my niece gave Little L all her Barbies and furniture that she had when she was little. This was kept in my mums loft for years until Little L was old enough to play with them but she has only started to take interest recently so this week I've started making some items for them.

First I set to detangling the dolls hair. They looked like they had been in a fight before I started. I brushed out as many of the knots as I could, losing quite a bit of hair along the way. Then I wet the hair with very hot water (almost boiling), smoothed some hair conditioner through it then rinsed with the hot water again. After another brush through they were left to dry overnight. My Mum was really inpressed with the results because they looked like they were destined for the bin beforehand. I've done 5 now and still have about the same amount to tidy up.

I made this underwear set using stretch lace. Very fiddly to sew on my machine and might have been just as quick to do by hand.

These very simple skirts were made using a rectangle piece of fabric which was gathered along one long edge and hemmed at the other. The waist band was made by folding over a length of wide ribbon then sewing it on. They fasten at the back by tying the ribbon in a bow.

This crocheted blanket with sleeves ( I don't know if they have a special name ) was made using this pattern

and new bedding was made for the bed.

After going for tea at her Grans this week Little L came back with these fabrics. They were left over from some things that my Mum had made. At first Little L asked if I could make her some socks with the skull fabric but because this isn't possible has settled on some pj bottoms. The vehicle print fabric she brought home so I could make her some clothes for her baby doll George. Looks like some of my next week is planned out.


Carol said...

Hey Shell - loving that little L can scramble in the forest and wear skulls, and also enjoy her new dolls.

You did an awesome job with them! (The blanket w/sleeves has been called by its brand names Slanket or Snuggie over here.)

Shell said...

Thanks Carol .. I knew those blankets would have a name but I couldn't think what.
Little L is a funny one. She doesn't like anything that she considers girly but her dolls don't seem to count. She comes in from the garden wearing more dirt than my boys ever did. For Christmas she has asked for a sewing machine and Darth Vader suit.