Last Weeks Sewing

Last week the children were on a half term break from school and I've noticed that my sewing machine comes out more during the school holidays. I think it is because Little L always wants something made or to make something even if she is just helping me. At the moment she loves helping me pin fabrics and she did have a go on my machine just before the holidays and made these coasters. 

She was fine sewing at first then I think it dragged on too long for her and by the time she was finishing her second one her concentration was wavering and she just wanted to do something else instead. Maybe she'll be ready for another go when she a bit older.

Over the hols we had a button sort out,

I made a sleeping bag for Little L's baby meerkat 

and made three of these fold up tote bags. I used this tutorial to make the bags but as I lined mine, I inserted the handles in between the outer bag and the lining.

We made some marbled eggs which Little L loved doing. 

Little L lost her first tooth. She has been wanting to lose a tooth for ages because lots of her friends have either lost some of theirs or had them taken out. I keep telling her that its good she has kept hold of her for so long but I've never seen a child so excited over a wobbly tooth.
Little L went to a friends party over the holidays. She does get invited to party's but usually chooses not to go because if the invitation is from a girl she thinks the party will be girly and shes more comfortable running around with a load of boys. It was a fancy dress party that she went to, all girls, all dressed as princesses besides Little L who went as Darth Vader. I suppose that she has a point with her party theory.

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Kate said...

I enjoyed your post .... half term is wonderful in your home. I remember, so many years ago, enjoying the children's school breaks and doing all sorts of fun things together. I like your tote, especially that it folds up, and thank you for the link. :)