A Day At The Zoo

On Friday Anders took a day off work so we could go out gallivanting. As the weather is still not brilliant here, we were stuck for places to visit until I suggested the zoo. Just the mere thought of going without Little L made us both feel guilty. Then I thought it must be at least 25 years since I'd been to a zoo without a child. The idea of walking at our own pace, no checking for the child every few seconds, no toilet hunts, no cries of 'I'm hungry/thirsty', that was it ... my guilt had disappeared.

We arrived not long after Chester Zoo had opened and although the car park already looked very busy, walking about it seemed quite empty compared to weekends or the school holidays. I even managed to get a snaps of animals that are usually so crowded with people I never get to see them.

One of the places I try to head to first is the bat cave which is home to two bat species. One of the keepers was constructing a cage while we were there ready for their annual bat count. She estimated that they have around 400 bats. I could quite happily stand in there all day (once I'd got used to the smell).

Flamingos are another animal that I always head to. I don't know what it is about these that attracts me. Its certainly not the colour pink, maybe they remind me of Alice In Wonderland.

One of the new additions to the zoo since our last visit was The Islands where we saw this warty pig named Elvis who appears to be sporting the same hairstyle as my youngest boy. From what his keeper was telling us he seems to be quite a character.

Another one of the zoo exhibits we visited was the Tropical Realm.

Home to amphibians and reptiles, it is also a free flight aviary. The birds are not bothered by humans in the slightest and will hang around along enough for a quick photo.

Some of the animals that I don't think we've seen before were the rock hyrax which are actually related to the elephant. They have hooves instead of claws. I loved the facial expression on this little chap.

My husbands favourites were these painted dogs. Lovely colours and coat patterns. He ended up buying Little L a plush one before we came home.

The aardvarks were adorable. There were three, all cuddled together having a snooze. Their long tongues flicking out as they slept.

We had a brilliant day, a bit cold but at least it didn't rain. It turned out that Little L wasn't bothered in the slightest that we went without her. She said ' Oh OK, as long as you didn't go paddling at the seaside without me '. Not a chance in this weather.

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Carol said...

How nice that you and A had an outing together!! And glad that your guilt subsided. xo