Crafty Catch Up

Lately craft wise I have been trying to use up my scraps of wool by crocheting some granny squares which I will be then be making in to a blanket. I still have a lot more to go to reach a blanket size.

Also I've been crocheting some little hats for The Big Knit campaign. The innocent drink company pop these little hats on to their smoothie bottles during Winter and for every bottle they sell which is wearing a hat they donate 25p to the Age UK charity. This time I made 40 to post off. Some free knitting and crocheting patterns to make the hats can be found here.
To me it doesn't look like I've been doing much but adding in Winter illnesses to fight off, Christmas shopping, a family Christening (it was lovely to catch up with family members that I hadn't seen for a long time) and decorating the boy's bedroom, I think we have just been more busier than usual here.

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