Little L's Owl

Little L is always wanting me to make her something, anything will do usually but recently she told me she wanted some pictures in her room ( not that she spends much time in there ). She asked for pictures of an owl, a panda and a teddy bear. Here's the owl picture that I finished last night.

For this I used a 7in embroidery, felt and threads in matching colours, cotton fabric for background. Where I have used printed cotton on the face and belly, I ironed on some light weight interfacing as the fabric was quite flimsy. When positioning the felt pieces I always put a stop of fabric glue on them to prevent them moving about ( its safer than using pins round Little L as she can't help touching things even when she knows she shouldn't ). I then sewed the pieces on using tiny straight stitches.

Pieces used the owl


Roundabout said...

Love this! Very cute! I have made a tote very similar to this. I love how you have it on the embroidery circle.
Just found your blog through flicker. Looking forward to reading more! Hope you get a chance to check out my blog as well :)

Shell said...

Hi Roundabout,
Thanks for checking the blog out. I've just seen your owl tote on flickr. It's really cute, I love the fabric on the wings :)

Rubyred said...

Lovely, lovely things!
Have a great weekend!
Rachel x

Shell said...

Thank you Rachel :)
Hope you have a great weekend too x

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

That's the cutest owl
Have a happy start to the new week, Shell. Happy creating xx

Shell said...

Thank you Saskia :)