Free As A Bird

I wanted something quick to make last night and had seen these lovely birdcages some time ago on the little dear tracks blog so set about making them. The blue one is to hang on Little L's door and no doubt someone will lay claim to the pink one. I have been following the little dear tracks blog for a while and I love the cute embroidery and little felty animals. There are many free projects and how to tutorials on the blog .. Thank you Aimee :)

I'm lucky enough to have received both of Aimee Ray's Doodle stitching books as gifts and this little pink bird is a design from this book which I stitched on to a pillowcase for Little L's dolls.
Anyway, I had better go for now as my two boys will be in from school soon .. no doubt hungry as always. Bye


Julia said...

Hello there!

First visit to your blog today and my goodness what a lovely one it is! How come I haven't found you before I was wondering to myself as I looked through all your gorgeous makes.
Especially like your little birdcages, the stitch work is beautiful!
Love Julia x

Shell said...

Thank you Julia :)