Recycled Calendar

Anyone who knows me knows that I loathe to throw anything away if I think I may find a use for it so I hung onto my last years calendar trying to think what to do with it. The pictures on the calendar were these William Morris designs and I thought they would be ideal to cover something with.

Having nothing to cover, they ended up being made into a paper garland instead. I used spray adhesives to glue two pieces together so that there was now a different design on each side of the paper, instead of a nice design on one side and my scribbled appointments on the other. I cut out circles, rectangles and squares then using my sewing machine I sewed them into a string.

I apologise for lack of colour in this photo - we have an extremely dark hall way.

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Trisha said...

It turned out so cute! I love that its repurposed as well. Even better!